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Karen England is a member contributor to the International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year ™️ book for 2019 “Agastache; Anise Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint & More”, & you can get the book here! 

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Herbologist, blogger, influencer, and storyteller, Karen England is a proud member of the International Herb Association and, as such, has contributed her knowledge and enthusiasm to the group’s major educational program- the Herb of the Year™️ & the Herb of the Year™️ publications. 

After Karen lost her husband to cancer in 2014 she also ended up closing the home-based herbal handcrafted soaps & lotions business called Edgehill Herb Farm that she and her husband ran together because it was too much for one person to do alone. Still in love with the flavors and fragrances of herbs, she reinvented the old soap shop on her property into a private pub for her neighbors, friends and family, since noticing that the same herbs that she grew for soap-making also, happily, go into cocktails! She quickly transitioned Edgehill Herb Farm into a blog and social media business and has been writing about herbs, gardening, crafting, cooking, baking, mixology-ing, etc., giving Edgehill Herb Farm a brand new business life. With a business partner she and they are preparing to launch a Herbal Bitters Business in the not too distant future that will “bring the flavors of Karen’s Edgehill Herb Farm garden to a cocktail near you!”

The books, products and services she now sells and recommends are the result of a lifetime in love with herbs, gardening, nature and pets.  

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About Us

Karen England

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Karen England is a Pastor’s daughter who grew up a city kid working after school and weekends for her extended family’s San Diego area garden center because her grandmother made her. A job she did not love until 1989 when she married and desperately needed to learn to cook. It was at this time that she discovered a deep love of herbs, cooking, & gardening, as well as the family trade through, of all things, her mother’s spaghetti sauce recipe and her cousin’s herb plants for sale.

Karen is a graduate of Biola University, and uses her Sunday School curriculum writing skills these days to present fascinating herb talks. such as “Herbs of the Bible”, to Church, Civic and Charitable groups. Karen is also an alumnus of three very intensive trainings at the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland.

Karen is a lifestyle blogger www.EdgehillHerbFarm.blog and a social media Influencer, with a very popular cat named Whiskey, who can be found on Instagram and Twitter as edgehillherbfarm and on her Facebook page called Karen England’s Shop. Her home and garden are located in Vista, California. Inspired both by her culinary training and her home’s Mediterranean climate, Karen specializes in cooking with Lavender, Roses and Scented Geraniums.

Karen and a business partner are starting an Herbal Liqueurs, Bitters and Ready to Pour Cocktails Company utilizing Karen’s herbal knowledge which they hope to launch in 2020. News of the venture can be found on her blog.

Karen is a past President of the Vista Garden Club and a former board member of the International Herb Association www.Iherb.org the wonderful group the picks the “Herb of the Year™️” and publishes the essential IHA “Herb of the Year™️” books. Additionally, Karen is proud to be a part of the MaryJanesFarm Farmgirl Sisterhood, where she is farmgirl number 89.